Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs of Spring

Yesterday, it was 84 degrees outside.  Not a completely abnormal temperature, but some factors must be included:

-I live in Whitewater, Wisconsin
-It's April.  In fact, yesterday was April 10th

These contributing factors make yesterday's weather an oddity.  It was also very, very humid (somewhere in the 90% region).

These conditions reminded me of where the Wisconsin summer is leading, and where I would like to be.  I'm moving to Madison in less than 2 months, but where will I work when the temperature is regularly in the 80's?  I haven't given it much thought, and time is running out.  Also, what will my daily routine look like?  Currently, it is completely random, as my class and work schedule is pretty random right now.  I dunno, the looming future brings me more anguish than happiness.  Sure, I'll be happy to get out of Whitewater, but beyond that happiness, I simply don't know what to expect.  And it's great.

Unrelated picture:  My bus getting ready for summer.

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